Summer Program

2013 Global Leadership Development Program (GLDP)

Okay, I get this message from International Office and this program is just for UI Student for your information. So, if you want to join this program and you are not from UI, you can just ask your International Office about this program. 😀

Regarding GLDP participation, any UI students, either undergraduate or graduate in any major, will be acceptable. The 2013 Summer GLDP is our 13th program providing global citizenship education and leadership development program to promising young future leaders. Nominees are usually selected for their academic excellence, demonstrated leadership, and services to others. Participants normally include three groups of students: those nominated by our sister universities abroad, students selected at large through open competitions, and selected students from Far East University. About a half is from overseas and a half is from Korea.

       Selected participants are awarded a GLDP scholarship which includes free tuition and fees, free room and board (all meals except weekends), health insurance, field trips, and others as needed. A fixed amount of stipend may also be paid for those participants who are fluent in English. Kindly make your nominations as soon a possible or by the end of this Month. UI students are welcome to stay on for one additional semester or one year as exchange student.
       I would like to ask you to nominate one or two of your outstanding students who would like to participate in our 2013 Global Leadership Development Program that will start on June 24 and end on August 14. 2013. Summer GLDP will be our 13th program where about 50-60 international students from highly selected universities in the US, Asia, and the UK will participate in order to learn, experience, and prepare themselves to be future global leaders by living, learning, and engaging cultural experiences together with the people with different cultural and ethnic background. Your students will be awarded the Far East University GLDP award which covers most of the expenses including free tuition, free room and board, insurance, etc. Your students are welcome to stay on following the GLDP for one or two semesters until mid December or unit June 2014 as the first exchange  students from the Universitas Indonesia. These students will be awarded free tuition, free room accommodation, and other supports as needed.
Yun Kim, Ph.D, Chair Professor and Vice Provost
Office of International Education and Cooperation
Far East University, Eumseong, Chungbuk, 369-700, Korea.
Office: +82-43-879-3724 
 You need to completing your documents below :
1. Recommendation from faculty
2. CV
3. Copy TOEFL ITP min 500/IELTS
4. Transcript

5. Motivation letter

UI would recommendation for 2 students to join the program.
Send to International Office UI no later  June 30, 2013.
Note : airfare is not covered by this program.


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