Book Giveaway

{Book Giveaway} Gabby Reads


That’s the different between Indonesian blogger and American blogger. Such a pity. But, I want to recommended you all to try this giveaway. Hihi. This giveaway is come from Gabby Read’s blog. She’s gave this giveaway because she has reached 300 follower. Wow! It’s amazing girl~ Gabby is American teenager that love books so much like us. She read YA & Middle grade books. Her passion is reading, writing, blogging and her new obsession baking cupcakes :). Wow, same like me then. Kkkk. She soon hope to travel the world and become an author,own her bakery, or vet. 

There will be 1 Winner to win a book of their choice (under 15 U.S. Dollars) from the book depository.

The Host

So, choose the book that you want. Here, I choose Stephanie Meyer-The Host. It’s such a late because the book has already filmed and now is airing in the cinema. But, nevermind. This is my choice afterall. Hohoho.

You can enter this giveaway by clicking THIS  link. Anyway, this April 10th this giveaway will end 🙂 So, be there girls!

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